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Dr. Sakharam Patil

S.K. PatilOur President, Dr. Sakharam K. Patil, has over 30 years experience as a technical and commercial manager. He was a member of the Board of Directors of American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACC) from 2003 to 2006, and nominated for the President of AACC 2006. Dr. Patil is currently Adjunct Professor at Purdue Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research. He held several assignments: director of QA, VP - R &D, Commercial Development, Marketing and Technology Transfer. As VP of Technology Transfer at Cerestar, he identified and inventoried the expertise and capabilities of the European branch of Cerestar to support the technology and business needs of Cerestar USA. He built a state-of-the-art QA/process chemistry, applications/commercial development center and product development facilities throughout his career to enhance R & D, business & operations at assignments with three companies.

Dr. Patil successfully managed QA/process chemistry, R & D, commercial development, marketing, market research, segmentation, new product commercialization during his various assignments. He has excellent science, technology and marketing support from associates as needed. He established very successful cross-functional Commercial Development and Marketing programs that improved high margin specialty business by 50% in three years. Dr. Patil created a system to facilitate technology transfer from one functional area in a company to another, between branches of a global company, and between the food and nonfood sectors. He restructured and refocused the biotechnology projects portfolio and implemented biotechnology projects with two partners. He is author of many papers, with presentations and certain key patents. He is a frequent speaker at IFT, AACC Int. Purdue, ISU, and U. ILL among others. He also served on Advisory Boards of Purdue Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research; and Purdue Calumet Management and Engineering Schools. Dr. Patil has B.S. in Agriculture, Poona University, India; M.S. Food Technology, Central Food Tech. Res. Institute, Mysore University, Ph.D. Food Science/Cereal Chemistry, Kansas State University and marketing Management at University of Michigan.

Dr. Allen Hedges

Dr. Allen HedgesDr. Hedges held several positions during his 25 yr career at American Maize (Maize), Cerestar and Cargill prior to his retirement in 2004. He is one of the pioneers that developed/commercialized Cycldextrins and production facility while at Maize. He managed the cyclodextrin research and applications group, built research and applications facility, trained professionals, and built hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins facility. He also developed certain enzymatic processes in carbohydrates products. Cyclodextrins were incorporated in well known commercial personal products such as Bounce (a laundry flavor encapsulation) and Febreze (popular deodorizer). Dr. Hedges has a very comprehensive and sustentative expertise in carbohydrates, cyclodextrins, and enzymes among other areas. His contribution includes 15 patents and many publications on carbohydrates, cyclodextrins, and enzymes among other. Dr. Hedges received his B. S. in Biology, Allegheny College and Ph. D. in Microbiology, University of ILL.

Ms. Mary Ann Meschi

Ms. Mary Ann MeschiMary Ann Meschi is the Product Development Manager at S. K. Patil and Associates. With over 20 years experience in the food industry, she has done extensive work in formulation development, comparison studies, product/process enhancement and sensory. As a Food Scientist for both Corn Products US (2000-2006) and American Maize/Cerestar, USA (1988-2000), her expertise included ingredient functionality, baking, meats, sauces and salad dressings. Meschi has a B. S. from Purdue University and an M. S. in Agriculture and a B. S. in Food Technology from Iowa State University. She is currently a member of IFT.

Mr. Robert Mikula

Mr. Robert MikulaAs Managing Director for Consulting Services and Global Business Development, Bob Mikula brings his excellent international agro-industrial experience set to service S. K. Patil clients. He has assisted and jointly developed internal and client staffs to strengthen marketing strategies, implemented sales force realignment, developed market research programs, risk management assessments, drafted global M&A initiatives and integration programs. Mr. Mikula’s unique understanding of customer CPG needs come from understanding manufacturing processes, and having worked in countless customer plant trials and scaling campaigns for most MNC’s. Bob has served in executive sales, marketing and commercial positions for American Maize/Cerestar, Ernst & Young LLP, ADACOL-ERP/Consulting firm, Midwest Grain/MGPI and held advisory and board positions for agricultural related companies. Mikula holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, with concentration in Global Marketing & International Finance. Undergraduate business/marketing education includes Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; bachelors degree from John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio and technical course work at University of Maine, Western Michigan, University of Georgia and Texas A&M. Mikula has supplemented his technical education with various additional process related professional sponsored courses.

Ms. Linda Charlton, Sr. Scientist, Product & Process Development

Mr. Raz SamuelLinda Charlton is the newest member of our team. Linda held several positions during her 34-year career at American Maize/Cerestar and Cargill in their Hammond, Indiana facility. She brings a very diversified and comprehensive experience. He early years were spent in the technical service lab where food and industrial customer sought assistance with selections of the best starch products for their products and processes. This evolved into re-designing, automating, and optimizing the processes for starch modification and drum drying and included scale up of new products from the lab through the pilot plant to the plant and commercialization. “Robust” process control was implemented, which enhances the first pass rate. With Cargill’s acquisition of the Hammond plant, Linda’s focus became product development. Training of operation and commercial personal was strength through out her career. Linda was also very active in process development, scale up, and excels in many areas including process optimization, starch chemistry, technical service among other areas. Linda retired as a senior scientist and has a BS in Organizational Management, Calumet College of Saint Joseph..

Mr. Raj Samuel

Mr. Raz SamuelMr. Raj Samuel is Process Development Engineer and Carbohydrate Chemist in our team. With over 30 years experience in the corn processing, starch processing and food engineering areas in food/industrial ingredients, paper and adhesive industries. Raj has done extensive work in process engineering and process development of starch, dextrin and adhesive formulation/development at American Maize and Cerestar. Raj was instrumental in the development of novel modified starches and dextrins from waxy starch for food and industrial applications. Recent development includes novel corn flour dextrins. Raj has also worked on novel applications of starches and dextrins in paper and corrugating products. Some of his assignment includes pilot plant manager, paper chemistry group leader, and paper scientist. Raj is a inventor of several US patents. Rag has a B. S, degree in chemical engineering, M. S. in paper & pulp technology from Miami University, Ohio.

Stepanie Wang-Taillon

Stephanie is a marketing executive with 15 years of experience working with consumer and business-to-business clients on a local to international scope to position their companies, build and manage their brands, develop and implement marketing programs and grow their businesses. Stephanie’s expertise is in Product Development, Product Marketing and Loyalty Marketing that combines technical/development knowledge with experience in marketing strategies and sales effectiveness. This experience has developed a keen ability to rapidly understand an industry/market and translating that into strategic product plans to drive revenue to the company and value to customers. Stephanie is capable of working with subject matter experts and taking their knowledge virtually to places they can not be. Stephanie has MBA from Northwestern Business school MS in Food Science from U. Massachusetts.

Dr. Ya-Jane Wang, University Collaborator

Dr. Ya-Jane WangDr. Wang has more than 15 years in starch research with 5 years experience at American Maize/Cerestar. She is currently professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Arkansas and chair of the Carbohydrate Division at IFT from 2008-2009. Her research interests include starch structure-functionality relationship, modification of starch via chemical, physical, and enzymatic reactions for various applications, transformation of starch during processing and storage as related to food quality and development of value-added biobased products. She has collaborated with many food companies on projects to improve process and quality of food products by understanding and by altering starch structure and functional properties. . She has many publications, presentation and patents to her credit. Dr. Wang received her B.S. degree in Agriculture Chemistry from National Taiwan University, M.S. degree in Food Science from University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, and Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Technology from Iowa State University.

Mr. Kenneth Yahl

Dr. Kenneth YahlKenneth Yahl has comprehensive experience in product development, methods development, microscopy and quality assurance. He is excellent resource with light microscopy skills for routine and complex food and industrial products. In-depth experienced in ingredient identification, detecting processing problems, food contaminants and analysis in food and industrial segments. He can provide training and technical support for personnel. Has experience in the properties and functions of food and industrial ingredients. He has proven his problem solving skills for customers when employed by Corn Products International, American Maize/Cerestar. Ken has contributed at the highest level in process development, scale-up among other operating areas.

Network Of Supporting Associates & Facilities

With many years of experience in the food and industrial marketplace, SK Patil and Associates has access to a number of individual contributors with diverse expertise in many disciplines: food technologists, chemists, engineers, quality control/assurance, manufacturing personnel, expert witness, and patents. Excellent network throughout the food and industrial companies worldwide.