Our business is all about putting our clients’ interests first. We know that our value to you is not based on any particular technical knowledge, but on the maturity of judgment, deep insights, objectivity, and on our ability to act as a sounding board and to articulate new perspectives. We bring both an insider’s view and an outsider’s view to our clients. As an insider, we conduct very thorough study of the industry, processes, products, technology and challenges related to your business. As an outsider, we bring a fresh perspective, untainted by company politics and cultural belief system. The synthesis of these two perspectives means that our results may be surprising, challenging and novel.

Food Ingredient Technology

  • Starches, Sweeteners & Maltodextrins
  • Polyols & Low-GI products
  • Proteins, isolates and peptides
  • Hydrocolloids & other functional ingredients
  • Dietary fibers, RS, SDS, SDC, Oligosacharides & GUT health
  • Non-nutritive and non-caloric sweeteners
  • Formulation development & Optimization
  • Co-products from food, industrial, grain and bio-processing

Product Development

  • Ingredient/chemical functionality, optimization, and formulation
  • Food Texturizers, starches and hydrocolloids formulations
  • Commercial development of food, industrial, and biotechnology products from concept through sales
  • Analytical services/microscopy
  • Minimizing ingredient/chemical costs
  • Important regulatory issues, GRAS process
  • Recipe development, nutrition labeling
  • Selection of contract manufacturers

Technology Transfer

  • Transferring technology to enhance R & D and marketing
  • Building cross-functional, cross-cultural teams, facilitate cooperation
  • Explore global technologies and transfer to companies for commercial/consumer solutions
  • Patent/IP licensing fro win/win inventor and commercial organizations worldwide
  • Health, nutrition and Gut Health – Carbohydrates and dietary Fibers (DF)
  • Carbohydrate (CHO) functions in body’s health
  • DF, current and new lesser known fibers, Resistant Starches (RS) and Oligosaccharides
  • Digestibility of carbohydrates derivatives, starches, sweeteners and DF
  • Glycemic index (GI) and implications of CHO derivatives e. g. Sucromalt, Slowly Digestible Starches (SDS) and Oligosaccharides


  • Strategic identification of market needs, opportunities, and trends
  • Marketing, market research, segmentation, new product commercialization and positioning.
  • Business and marketing plan development
  • Marketing communications including white papers, sales guides, brochures, data sheets, customer presentations, and web content.
  • Competitive position of current products and how to leverage their potential

Cereal Chemistry and Carbohydrates Processing

  • Corn Wet and Dry Milling – industry, products, processes, markets and applications. Starches, sweeteners, maltodextrins and cereal processing co-products
  • Novel ingredients from above sectors e. g. corn flour dextrins, oligosaccharides, RS & SDS
  • Ingredient applications and technologies - food and industrial
  • Co-products from wet milling, dry mill ethanol
  • Process development, optimization & trouble shooting
  • Wheat milling – starch, proteins and other products
  • Tapioca and potato starches
  • Baking, cereals, and flour milling
  • Polyols and low calorie, low carb products
  • Food and cereals and ingredient microscopy

Biotechnology, Bio-processing and Fermentation

  • Agriculture and food biotechnology
  • Value creation of co-products from industrial wet/dry corn milling, wheat and other commodity processing
  • Co-product value creation for cereals and food manufacturers
  • Seed development, production, and Identity Preservation grain process
  • Food enzymes, cyclodextrins, and specialty chemicals
  • Bio-mass conversion and co-products (by-product) value creation
  • Ethanol & food fermentation

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