Global Business Development, Technology Transfer and Global Sustainability

Our network of associates provides global connectivity and diversified expertise. In this fast moving and dynamic markets it is essential to have cutting edge technology transfer, commercial development, and intellectual property knowledge of ingredients in food, biotechnology and industrial sectors. Our associates offer comprehensive, diversified and global expertise. Our ability to capture the most recent information and opportunities for our clients is proven. We have excellent sense of global thinking and local execution. We excel in sustainability efforts including bioprocessing, bioplastics among others.

  • Capable of doing global information search for technology, commercial and marketing sectors
  • Enhance our clients’ business development capabilities worldwide
  • Cross-functional and cross-cultural team to support effective execution
  • Technology Transfer to speed up product development and market growth
  • Market development of ingredients for various parts of the world
  • Bioprocessing, biotechnology, bioplastics and Intellectual Property assessment
  • Health, nutrition and functional ingredients
  • Global sustainability
  • Bioprocessing, bioplastics among other global issue going forward
  • How a business can focus on local logistics and supply of ingredients to meet local & global needs
  • Provide consulting services in marketing efforts to enhance brand awareness.
  • Collaboration with a network of universities and centers of excellence to enhance our capabilities serving our clients

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