We have successfully completed projects in much diversified and includes food and industrial sectors, regulatory and university collaborations for our team. Our contributions in each of these projects have contributed to our clients and the collaborations. This has also broadened and enhanced our comprehensive expertise immensely to make more effective contributions and build relationships. As we move forward all of our associated look forward to further enhance our capabilities and participate in challenging but bright future possibilities that can effectively balance between global markets and local sustainable solutions. What follows is a partial list of some of our projects.

Partial List of projects past 7 yrs- clients remain confidential:

  • Strategic marketing, supply and industry situation on carbohydrates project for a very large global consumer products company, market, costs, etc for personal care products.
  • Reviewed portfolio of biotechnology projects, selected most valuable and deliverable and developed commercial development process to support partnership, JV with a partner and also license the technology.
  • Market development of protein isolates and oligosaccharides.
  • Strategic review of sweetener, starches (unmodified & modified), hydrocolloids, maltodextrins, pyrodextrins.
  • Acquisition due diligence support.
  • Product and market development of protein concentrates and isolates.
  • Strategic and technology review of corn dry milled products & bio ethanol.
  • Co-product value created for global breakfast cereals food processor.
  • Strategic marketing and technology of polyols by fermentation rather than hydrolysis & hydrogenation.
  • Technology and detail market segments of biotechnology - high phosphate natural starch.
  • High amylose starch in capsules and film forming. resistant starches and oligosaccharides.
  • Patent & IP litigation expert.
  • Market and technology review and scale up of corn flour and extruded dry reaction for Dextrins and adhesives in food and industrial applications.
  • Markets and technology review of maltitol, sucralose a non-nutritive sweetener & erythritol – low calorie sweetener/bulking agent, and other sugar substitutes.
  • Dietary fiber and bacterial polysaccharide – soluble fiber, etc.
  • Starch based and microbial bioplastics
  • Very effective cross-functional product development, technology transfer and market development for mid size but global client.
  • Currently marketing five starch processing, modified starch and starch derivatives 2009 reports

Industry Reports

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