At S.K. Patil & Associates, we connect science/technology to markets and real-world client solutions. Our fresh perspective, experience-based insights and practical solutions can enhance your organization's capabilities, make sizable improvements and generate no nonsense measurable results. We are very effective in supporting products or technology from development thru manufacturing to final ingredient marketing. We are results-driven and contribute to our client's success through our associates, extensive industry knowledge, net work and relationships. We create value by putting solutions into practice with solid contribution to organization.

Our services also include:

  • Strategy, technical & commercial development of successful products and technologies.
  • Project portfolio optimization and formulations
  • Excelling in coaching, mentoring, cross-functional team development and technology transfer.
  • Support of product development, QA, GRAS petitions, expert witness, global patent search, patent licensing and problem solving.
  • Building and execution of highly effective cross-functional capabilities and systems from concept to commercialization.
  • Facilitation of ideas and brainstorming to enhance company’s capabilities in science, technology and marketing.
  • Expertise in specific areas, including; cereal chemistry, carbohydrates, proteins, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, dietary fibers, gut health, oligosaccharides, biotechnology, and fermentation. A formulations team with many years of experience in formulations with texturizers, hydrocolloids and starch derivatives in diversified food market segments.
  • Providing needed visibility to client’s brand marketing efforts such as exhibits, promotion, etc.
  • Collaboration with universities that allow us to enhance our connectivity from science to food and industrial markets


Recent Presentation:

Presentation: Emerging and Applied Clean Label Starch Technologies

FEATURED SPEAKER: Sakharam K. Patil, president, S. K. Patil & Associates, Inc.

2013 Clean Label Conference Presentation Description: Starch has long played a crucial role in food acceptability. Historically, modified starches were developed to help manufacturers answer consumer demands for economical, yet superior textured products. As attention turns to “pantry-friendly” labels, momentous growth is expected in the use of simply labeled, yet sophisticated starches. Dr. Sakharam Patil’s presentation discusses the current and emerging technologies behind physically and enzymatically altered starches offering clean label opportunities. Practical advice on applications and evaluation techniques will be provided.

Clean Label Conference .

October 29-30, 2013, Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

For program info:


Patented novel salt reduction technology:
Salt reduction with micro particle technology without salt substitutes, A NOVEL SAFE LOW-SODIUM SALT Solution Salt. visit the Library page for details


New Library page:

Our New 2012 Reports:

  1. Starch Processing: Starch, Sweeteners, Bioprocessing, Bioplastics
  2. Modified Starches
  3. Clean Label Starches
  4. Dextrins reports

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Our clients:

  • Global consumer products companies
  • Fermentation, bioprocessing and bioplastics
  • Global food ingredient suppliers
  • Food & Beverage manufacturers
  • Global biotechnology and seed developers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Wheat processors
  • Proteins and isolate manufacturers
  • Personal care
  • Flour and feed manufacturers
  • Corn wet millers
  • Corn dry millers – biofuels and food
  • Universities
  • Investment banks
  • Law Firms
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Food formulators, distributors
  • Dietary fiber manufacturers
  • Health, nutrition and gut health


European Client

“We have used SK Patil and Associates on a variety of projects. Their ability to connect science & technology to the marketable solutions is what differentiates them from other consulting firms.”

Global Ingredient manufacturer:

“SK Patil and Associates were primarily responsible for investigating process parameters, a scale-up and implementing the steps in our facility. Dr. Patil personally trained & coached our professionals and the staff in R & D, Marketing management.”


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